Arsenal 2-0 Fulham – Cazorla Double

It started a little slow, by Arsenal standards, but this game showed what’s become a typical performance by the Gunners this season. The boys grinded away at the goal, Szczesny made the needed stops, Mert and Kos held the line, and we finally broke down the opposition. Fulham will probably get relegated in May.

While Cazorla will win MOTM honors, our big Frenchman up front, Olivier Giroud, was the work horse that made most of our play happen. In seasons past, we were good at creating chances, but it’s been the work up top by Giroud and our defense behind getting things in order that have made the difference. He works harder than most to get where he needs to be, hold up balls, and distribute from the front. Today, Cazorla was better than he’s been in a while and made good with 2 goals, but its still Giroud that makes the (space) difference going forward.

Jack and Santi worked especially well together as well.

Highlights on the ways …

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Blogging 2014

It’s going to happen this year – my triumphant return to regular writing. So, what better way to usher in my return than highlights from Arsenal’s crushing 2-0 victory over Spuds in the FA Cup? Honestly, the question should be, how do I top it?

Please Let This Be Over

Today was a terrible day for Arsenal supporters. We saw our “attacking” team get nullified by a Blackburn team that haven’t conceded a goal in the FA Cup so far. Does that mean anything though? I don’t think it does. We should have won this. The sad thing is that Blackburn didn’t really DO anything to deserve it. They had one shot on goal and barely came out of their own half.

This was all on Arsenal’s shoulders. We gave Blackburn a free pass to the next round. more »

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UPDATE: The winner, by vote, were the Oakley’s (50% of the votes went that way). However, it wasn’t enough to sway me, so the glasses I will be getting are the ECO’s – my favorites. Don’t take it personally. The price of the Oakley’s is about 3.5 times higher so even if I got a discount (hint, hint), the others would still be cheaper. Thanks everyone who voted. more »

Coaching Philosophy

I’ve been an assistant coach for my daughter’s club soccer team the past 3 seasons and I just finished a season as my son’s U08 team coach. I learned quite a bit about coaching and the mentality of young kids. Here are some points that I’m starting to develop as my coaching philosophy. more »